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Banking on us is easy, secure and always with the best personal service


Mobile Banking

We offer a platform that allows our customers to perform remote financial transactions using their mobile phones.


Business Banking

We provide market-leading solutions, industry expertise and insights to drive the growth and success of our customers and improve the communities we serve.


Savings Account

Manage your accounts and limits, make payments and send money securely on your smartphone or tablet.


Financial Tracking and Awarness

We show that your money is increasing every second. This allows you to see how much money you make when you are not working, giving you an idea of ​​how much your money is going.



Your goals and circumstances are unique - we can help you if we know them.


Low cost and faster remittances

Don't pay monthly fees to do your banking online, on the phone or at our ATMs, send money, pay for your water and light, get your Smart ID or Passport the easy way.

Protect your money

Transfer and deposit your money at any time, anywhere in the world.

After opening your account with us, you can do your banking transactions from any digital channel and device, pay bills without going to the branch, change your credit limit, and deposit money outside of working hours.

Easy and convenient banking

Make payments and transfers, check your balance and get stamped bank statements.
Change your payment and card limits, stop and order cards and open new savings accounts.

Secure banking

All data transfers are encrypted and you can login securely with your secure password generated by


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Our new online banking is a secure banking website that has been updated with a new look and feel as well as additional banking functionality.

We advise setting up a strong password for your Relacsagro Bank ID (use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters). Communication between Nedbank and the new Relacsagro Bank online banking site is encrypted. You can request to deactivate your online banking profile by calling the Relacsagro Bank contact centre.

A Relacsagro Bank ID is your passport to the world of Relacsagro Bank digital services and enables easy and secure login. If you don’t have a Relacsagro Bank ID, you’ll be prompted to create one on the new online banking site. You’ll then be able to use the same Relacsagro Bank ID username and password across the Relacsagro Bank Money app, the new Relacsagro Bank online banking and other Relacsagro Bank platforms.

No, if you already have a Westfall Savings ID, you must use your existing one.

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